PS2352LM roll 100% oil leakage oil suction pad defence penetration

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Packing: carton
Delivery time: spot
Quality / safety certification: 9001:2000 ISO
Product specifications: item: PS2352LM
Name: anti osmotic suction linoleum
Specifications: 80CM*30m*3MM
Oil absorption capacity: 135 liters / box
Packing: 1 / box
Product advantages: - Application Environment
- working aisle, large area emergency leakage area;
- mechanical vehicles, machinery and equipment repair, oil tools placed gasket.
In the main features
Working aisle and large machinery maintenance laying special ground, durable, will not produce pollution. Long use cycle, more cost savings.
] in the maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles and the machine will products shop on the ground, can completely prevent oil through the oil absorbing cotton pollution to the ground.
] guarantee in any way anti wear, tear is not afraid, not afraid to pull, not afraid of grinding, even if the saturation also won't have fibre shedding;
Fully solve the oil absorbing cotton after absorbing oil penetration into the ground.
Usage: laying the product in the place where possible leakage or leakage occurs, the white oil suction side facing the direction of oil leakage. The blue oil separating film is placed on the ground or on the platform.
After oil leakage, oil absorbing cotton fiber is absorbed directly. Even after the absorption saturation will not penetrate to the ground, all blue oil isolation membrane isolation, will not pollute the ground or work platform.
Penetration resistant products to completely solve the problem of oil seepage and oil absorbing cotton production and re pollution of the ground or work platform. Is currently the latest research and development of the most advanced products.

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