PS1201X wear-resistant high efficiency and convenient saving type oil absorbing sheet

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Product description
Can be to maximize the range of oil, water, even in rainy days is no exception
The use of oil pad lock any oil drip and mild overflow oil absorption.
The top layer and the bottom layer are composed of dense, small diameter, and a plurality of fibers, and the surface area is enlarged so that the suction dirt pad can be safely and securely attached to the ground.
3- layer structure to the oil absorbing pad has the characteristics of wear resistance, can withstand frequent trample, so that the oil absorbing pad is more durable, and reduce the number of oil absorbing pad replacement.
Oil suction pad in the middle of the 50 cm surface to do easy tearing line processing. Can be torn into two pieces to use, more savings.
White oil stain.
Bright white design allows you to easily see whether the oil has been absorbed. PS1201X
Maintenance type oil film (line)
128L/ box
200 / box
Note: PS1201X each piece can be divided into two small pieces of 40X25CM use, more convenient to save, economic benefits.
Application: applicable to oil, petrochemical solvent and non water soluble liquid leakage treatment, can be matched with the oil field
Material characteristics; amphibious absorbent pad; polypropylene material, anti ultraviolet radiation, can long-term outdoor storage and aging do not, with excellent flame retardancy, burning away from flame in 0.2 seconds to - 0.4 seconds will be automatically extinguished, oil absorbing not only the water, even after adsorption saturation also floating on the surface of the water.
Material index: 160 degrees Celsius, melting point, flash point (not applicable to the measurement of flash point). Light is 357 degrees Celsius in the temperature will burn, but leave after the fire can be automatically extinguished.
Product stability: Polypropylene itself is a very stable material, there is a certain flame retardant, but when the product is heated, it may become soft until melted.
Price terms: Factory tax
Payment terms: payment to delivery
Packing: carton
Delivery time: spot
Quality / safety certification: MSDS, ISO9001
Product specification: size:
40cm long X50cm wide X2mm high
Each piece of the middle design easy tear line, use more convenient, more economical.
Sales specifications:
200 / box
Product advantages: - main characteristics
Not only oil - water
PS1201X products can be used according to area a, 40X25CM two using One divides into two,
- PS1201 products according to the integrity, the use of good tensile strength, suitable for large area leakage places.
Three - layer structure, the bright white absorption liquid to see, is arranged in the middle of a tear line, convenient save for use in small range.
] two-sided wear cloth can be guaranteed in any way anti wear, tear is not afraid, not afraid to pull, not afraid of grinding, even if the saturation also won't have fibre shedding.
The reasonable distribution of the point hole structure, enhanced absorption speed, save the processing time of leakage.
Method of use: - the surface of a table or table below the surface
- mechanical vehicles, mechanical equipment maintenance, cleaning, scrubbing oil prevention tools
The absorption liquid to clean the maintenance leakage, leakage, leakage, splash - industrial machines

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