The maintenance of enhanced PS2302X absorption of cotton

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In the use of the environment
The parking area, forklift, elevator compressor, prone to drip work area
The laying of workshop walkways, office walkway, factories, traffic frequent or may leak place
] does not absorb water, if your factory floor needs often scour, purification workshop environment, improve the site management level, it is the ideal material
In the main features
Three - layer structure, the absorption of bright white liquid to see
It can absorb oil, hydrocarbons and other oil-based liquid
] convenient narrow channel laying, convenient and affordable, transverse 40cm, longitudinal 50cm do an easy tearing line processing, easy to desired size torn, rationally use and save
Product Name
Oil absorption capacity
2301X PS
Maintenance type oil absorbing cotton (blanket)
2 rolls / box
2302X PS
Maintenance type oil absorbing cotton (blanket)
1 rolls / box
Price terms: Factory tax
Payment: T / T
Packing: carton
Delivery time: spot
Quality / safety certification: MSDS, ISO9001 security data
Product specifications: size specifications: 80cm long X30m wide X3mm thick
Sales specifications: 1 / box
Ingredients: Polypropylene
Product advantages:] three layer structure, bright white make the absorption liquid is easy to see, is arranged in the middle of the easy tearing line, convenient in the small range used sparingly.
] two-sided wear cloth can be guaranteed in any way anti wear, tear is not afraid, not afraid to pull, not afraid of grinding, even if the saturation also won't have fibre shedding.
The reasonable distribution of the point hole structure, enhanced absorption speed, save the processing time of leakage.
Method of use: - the surface of a table or table below the surface
- mechanical vehicles, mechanical equipment maintenance, cleaning, scrubbing oil prevention tools
The absorption liquid to clean the maintenance leakage, leakage, leakage, splash - industrial machines

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