7133/7136 strip oil absorbing and oil blocking grid

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100% polypropylene filler to be anti ultraviolet light polyester mesh surface parcel, thick oil base fluid absorption and allows the water to pass through;
A solid metal attachment clip and ring clasp; the rope is placed and folded through the mesh to increase its strength.
Even if the saturation is not heavy;
Application: suitable for land, water and oil absorbing pad, the effect is better.
Characteristics: Material: amphibious booms; polypropylene material, UV irradiation can long-term outdoor storage and aging do not, with excellent flame retardancy, burning away from flame in 0.2 seconds to - 0.4 seconds will be automatically extinguished. Italy noodle type oil fence, can increase contact with oil spill contact surface excellent tensile strength, adsorption, only oil absorption is not water, even after the adsorption saturation is floating on the surface of the water.
Material index: melting point > 160 degrees Celsius, flash point (not applicable in the measurement of flash point) lighted for 357 Celsius degrees in the temperature is a burning, but away from the flame, will be automatically extinguished.
PP itself is very stable material, there is a certain flame retardant, but when the product is heated, it may become soft until melted.
Packing: packing bag
Quality / safety certification: ISO9001
Product specifications: 7133 with 12.7cm*300cm L 4 / bag
7136 with 12.7cm*600cm L 2 / bag
Product advantages: - portable hook and loop connection, can adjust the use length.
The rugged surface, easy to use and ropes.
The absorption of oil, the oil can be effectively. Suction saturation is always floating on the water surface, easy to recover.

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