H7133 chemical plant ground emergency chemical leakage containment containment bar bar

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Product description
After special treatment, used to absorb high concentration of corrosive liquids, such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide, better than any other anti chemical absorption agent on the market
To avoid the liquid diffusion, to minimize the spill area, and drainage pipeline and water source protection
Wrap the machine in order to absorb the harmful liquid which may be leaking out.
Polypropylene outer layer and filler for resisting chemical reaction
Each 3 meter long fence can absorb 34 liters of acid and alkali, and other oil and water-based liquids
After burning up with 0.02% ash
Product specifications
Color: yellow
Size: 13 cm in diameter x length 3 M
Absorption: the maximum absorption capacity of 128 liters / box
Absorption / maximum absorption: 32 liters
Specification: 4 / box
Composition: outer polypropylene; inner polypropylene pulp
Application: for chemical on a large leak containment and interception, and anti chemical sewage suction pad supporting the use of a better effect
Characteristics: Material: anti chemical severe containment bar and the special treatment of superfine polypropylene fiber material, can absorb high concentration of corrosive liquid (eg: 98% sulfuric acid 30% sodium hydroxide), can leak place surrounded by dangerous liquid controlled, and firmly lock the dangerous liquid, with excellent flame retardancy, burning to leave after the fire in 0.2 seconds to - 0.4 seconds will be automatically extinguished.
Material index: 160 degrees Celsius, melting point, flash point (not applicable to the measurement of flash point). Light is 357 degrees Celsius in the temperature will burn, but leave after the fire can be automatically extinguished.
Product stability: Polypropylene itself is a very stable material, there is a certain flame retardant, but when the product is heated, it may become soft until melted
Transportation safety index: can the long-distance shipping, land transportation, and outdoor storage etc.
Packing: packing bag
Quality / safety certification: ISO9001
Product specifications: diameter of 12.7cm*300cm L 4 / bag
Product advantages: - portable hook and loop connection, can adjust the use length.
The rugged surface, easy to use and ropes.
The absorption of oil, the oil can be effectively. Suction saturation is always floating on the water surface, easy to recover.
Method of use: - first hook ring and the B booms left hook and loop A plug booms right plug buckle;
- then B booms left top rope ring buckle to hook and loop A booms on the adjacent right plug;
] the hook and loop a booms right plug of the rope ring buckle and the column B oil boom left plug adjacent; according to the required length, which are connected in sequence.

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